Viper Mini Fang Filling Machine
Mini Fang Backsplash Rectangle Side GRaphic


The Viper MINI-FANG is a more complete and easier way to fill bottles, ink bags and more for any in-house operations use, ink manufacturers, or other chemical/solutions manufacturing & packaging facilities.

The MINI-FANG is a small, compact, easy to use touch screen peristaltic pump driven filling machine. Features include:

  • Versatile Filling System for bottles and bags
  • Easy to use touchscreen
  • Multiple recipes for fast, easy selection for ink bags or bottles of various sizes
  • Clean & Fast change overs of different color of inks or solutions
  • Fast change over from bottles to bags
  • Variable speed filling for various solutions
  • Peristaltic pump for easy, clean, fast change over of colors or solutions
  • Small foot print and lightweight – easy to store out of the way.